FEMA App Reviews

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Great Initiative

Very good idea for mobile professionals. Simple and straightforward.

Zombies arent on the list...

...is it because you yourselves are not prepared?

Needs some help

So this version is really buggy. I cannot in any way get the badge app icon to go away. And this it has a continuous problem from other versions where the badge app says 2 no matter how many notifications there really are. I enjoy this app because it helps me prepare for coming storms but it is starting to get annoying.

App is not reliable

The updated app has two notification notices stuck on the app, with no way to turn them off. At this point, the app is more annoying than helpful and sends out alerts when nothing is happening, and misses events.

Same here. Alerts wont clear

Constantly shoeing 3-5 alerts. Cant figure out where these alerts are stored.

Deleting this right now...

App keeps telling me I have 2 notifications but I cant clear them out. I know thats kinda silly but it really drives me nuts! Also the notifications went all crazy the other day and kept alerting me over and over again to test my smoke detectors. Love the idea of this app & will definitely reinstall if bugs get fixed.

Notifications wont clear!

It has the red flag saying I have two alerts and they wont go away! I tried closing the app completely, and deleting the app and reinstalling it. They wont go away!

Adding locations

It would be better to type the counties instead of scrolling, because I live in Texas and scrolling through a lot of counties is not good. Excellent app, every alert arrives at the moment, immediately.

Download before emergency

Great one stop app for preparing for an emergency. Ill just have to wait for a legit emergency to see if their notifications work.

Well done!

This is all I have ever wanted it of an app. Clean design, does a simple job and does it well. Reminds me when its time to do those preparation things I dont know how many times Ive ignored them. Has the info I need. Its just great!

Great Resource

Its not the sleekest app ever made but its very efficient with its space and simple to use. They provide location based alerts. Ive received a few and they are easy to read and clear. Great app to have simply for the notifications.


I downloaded this app for emergency alerts. For the last 3 weeks it alerts me every other day to check the batteries in my smoke alarms. I cannot find a way to make that alert go away so I had to delete the app. Too bad because I like the premise of the app.


Most stuff on this app is already known information you can find anywhere from anyone. Theres a map view of "shelters" but it only shows whats in Texas...thats it...like the other 49 states dont have any or something.

Great except for one thing

Very informative except for the daily reminder to test smoke alarms. Is that really necessary??

Great resource!

Great app! Very informative. And for those that are annoyed by smoke alarm reminders: Tap Prepare -> Set a Reminder You can turn the reminder off or tap the "I tested my smoke alarms" button to "snooze" the reminder.


Its a good app and I like it, but lately the daily smoke alarm test reminder and every few days the emergency kit reminder is very annoying. Maybe time to declare the app.

too many notifications

I keep getting 3 or 4 notifications a day that seem to be for the same warning. Like 3 “beach hazard statements” in one day and 4 “excessive heat warnings” on that same day. The thing is going off every hour. Having so many notifications means I’m much less likely to pay attention to them.

Accessible information

I like that you can set alerts for up to 5 county locations. It would be nice to be able to specify cities so that when Im visiting, I dont have to research what county Im in. You can set family emergency meeting locations. It would be nice to be able to add the rest of the family communication plan, and to be able to share the information with others. I like that you can turn off the reminder alerts. I like that you can see where the shelters and DSAs are. Maybe should add a little note about why there isnt info on a specific location someone is looking for (frequency and source of data; only active locations shown, etc). It would be great to link to other media like YouTube videos with related content to maximize modes of communication.

Wont hold locations

I keep on having to re add the locations after I agree to the terms this is a pain other than that app is great

Like it

I love using this for alerts. However the only thing Im not a fan of is the "dial 911" thing. I accidentally tapped it and it dialed 911.

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